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The word sustainability is derived from the Latin sustinere (tenere, to hold; sus, up). However, since the 80s sustainability as a term is being used more with respect to human sustainability on planet Earth.


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Sustainability these days is a buzzword used in many different contexts with many different connotations. But what does it mean for reputed, socially responsible company like Kansai Nerolac?


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Dr. Jyoti Hosagrahar
Sustainability: Global Concepts, Local Solutions Sustainability, as a concept, came about in response to the environmental degradation and overconsumption in the highly industrialized economies.


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Innovation for Sustainability

William McDonnough has very astutely remarked: “It is not enough to be sustainable. If you were to ask someone about how their relationship with their spouse was and they answered ‘sustainable’ it is not very hopeful!” Clearly, the very concept of the word ‘sustainability’ needs to be rethought of, and...
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Sustainable Materials

Sustainable Materials

Mahiravani Farmhouse Designed by Sanjay Patil of Environ Planners, this farmhouse located at Mahiravani on the outskirts of Nasik is a green project that also doubles up as a weekend office. This space is one that exists in harmony with its surroundings, validating the sustainable approach adopted by the architect...
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