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Sustainability these days is a buzzword used in many different contexts with many different connotations. But what does it mean for reputed, socially responsible company like Kansai Nerolac?


At Kansai Nerolac, we don’t just talk about sustainability; rather we are being proactive and taking concrete steps in the direction of exhibiting our commitment to everyone.

We have identified three core areas of sustainable development – environment, business and society.

Environment:- By creating paints which are environment and health friendly such as our Zero VOC paints, we are consciously moving in the direction of creating sustainable environment for future generations.

Business:- In the area of business, we’re focusing on long-term value creation. By making investments in future-oriented technologies which give our partners and associates competitive advantage, we enable ourselve to drive sustainable development for our company’s future.

Society:- We want to be the guiding star of ethical and responsible practices and constantly go out to spread our values. We welcome contributions from like-minded people and provide platforms where they can significantly contribute towards a sustainable social structure.