Color Schemer

Every house has a story to tell. We speak of walls “having ears”. Well now your walls can have a “personality” too; Color scheme of the walls is a reflection of human personality and aesthetic signature. With Nerolac ArchEdge’s Color Schemer App, it has become simpler to breathe life into the client’s chosen palettes. It enables you to conjure up quirky, tasteful and innovative schemes using ready-made combinations that inspire your clients.

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Color Visualiser

A simple, yet crucial aspect taken into account during the design stage is the amount of natural illumination received and the ways to maximize the same. However, what satisfies architectural creativity in terms of dimensions may have a counterproductive impact, in terms of painting or embellishments. Our ArchEdge Color Visualiser Tool lends itself to such challenges, by providing the closest replication of analogous colors; with the aim of eliminating the prospects of unexpected and/or undesirable results.

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Paint Calculator

Often, work in progress is complicated and delayed beyond anticipation because of convoluted discussions on inventory of materials. Our Paint Calculator App is an effort towards making this procedure as hassle-free and seamless as possible for you, by providing quantifiable, as close give-or-take approximations as possible. It enables you to provide budget-oriented solutions for your client.

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Service Dealers

Nerolac ArchEdge gives you an access to a vast, well-coordinated distribution network. You can benefit from the convenience of working with one of the closest to your project site for timely delivery of quality materials & service queries.

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Quality Contractors

Just like its service dealers, ArchEdge boasts of a cross-country network of trained, qualified and experienced contractors, who bring with them a wealth of technical insight and reputable track records of efficient and timely task implementation. Many of these empanelled professionals have handled high-end turnkey domestic, industrial and commercial projects. Therefore, you can be rest assured that your delegation of responsibilities, concerns regarding meticulous finish, ease of practical application and the combined architectural vision are done full justice to.

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