Kala Ghoda

February 18, 2016
PHP Innovative

Maharashtra CM Mr. Devendra Phadnavis visits the Installation coloured by Nerolac paints

We are, one of the largest decorative paint manufacturers in India, through various platforms, endeavour to promote a cleaner and healthier India. To further continue to do our bit, we have lent our support to the ‘Make in India’ campaign. One of the ways we are doing this is through our association with the Kala Ghoda festival 2016. Kala Ghoda is synonymous with colour of myriad hues and expressions, a Ghoda that ordains an explosion of culture. The installation, coloured by us, is conceptualised by the students of School of Interior Design, Rachana Sansad. Taking a que from this year’s theme “beyond boundaries” the team decided to showcase an optimistic perspective of the epic Indian saga “Mahabharata”. Through their installation, they exhibited the positive side of the story amongst all the violence and manipulation. Professor Nitant Hirlekar who mentored the team says, “The idea of this class is to expose students to parametric tools which are available in the architecture industry and to design something that is inspired from the Indian culture, arts and crafts. Our students were inspired from the story of Mahabharata, where everyone is right in their own way. They were successful in fabricating the well thoughtout designs using some interesting parametric tools.”

The above installation is displayed at the Kala Ghoda festival until February 18, 2016 at Cross Maidan.