Journey of a much – loved Jingle

September 23, 2015
ArchEdge Team

Published in DNA of Brands on Sept 21, 2015

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After focusing on technology breakthrough product innovations like their low VOC lead free paints for promotions and advertisements, Nerolac paints concentrated on reviving the emotional connectivity with consumers which was evident in their new campaign released recently.
The festive fervour has taken a grip on everyone. Aiming to spend the joyous festivities with their loved ones, renovating and painting homes thus becomes a priority. Nerolac decided to bring back fond memories and evoke nostalgia with their much loved jingle “Jab ghar ki raunak badhani ho”, but in a revamped way. One of the best examples of ‘sonic branding’ promotions, this jingle brings back delightful, wholesome family reminiscence. There could not be a better way to re-establish and strengthen the bond with consumers using this jingle inspired brand recall.
The premise is that, from being a consumer disengaged category the industry is gradually shifting to a scenario where adults take opinions of their children while deciding on home décor themes and painting ideas. By involving children during purchasing and domestic-decisions making, Nerolac immediately strikes an emotional chord that reaffirms the relationship between the brand and it’s role in family celebrations. Ad film director Mintoo Singh gushed about the high energy vibrant beats of the jingle which was composed to commemorate festivities like Durga Puja and Diwali. Anuj Jain, Director of decorative paints, Kansai Nerolac paints further added that this jingle has played a phenomenal role in building the brand’s recall by not only evoking the fond nostalgic memories among its consumers, but also connecting with today’s younger generation, using a contemporary touch.