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At Nerolac, we place the highest premium on the significance of sustainable architecture; and our sense of social responsibility extends to sensitivity towards a health-hazard free environment for the occupants of a building. Nerolac’s range of “healthy paints” have set the industry standards, making sure that the concentration of harmful elements like lead and VOCs, (Volatile Organic Compounds) is negligent or non existent. VOCs, by definition, have a higher vaporizing pressure, as a result of which, they release odors that are harmful to both, the human health and the environment. With revolutionary, eco-friendly upgradation of the constituting elements of paints, coatings and varnishes, you can proudly endorse a high quality health and safety stamp on your projects.

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Color Styles 13-14

Market research experts at Nerolac have their fingers on the consumer’s artistic pulse, as a result of which, they are able to facilitate a continuous creative evolution of our products and services. Each year, Nerolac launches an exciting selection of color trends that clients can relate to. You are welcome to browse through this vast array and choose styles that best compliment the contemporary, new age identity of your architectural structure and design.

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Color Combo Guides

Architects and designers have complete creative free reign over colors and textures that best represent client expectations and respond to the surrounding forces of nature. In fact, no one knows better how the unique raised; jagged or embedded characteristics of color/coating combinations can lead to the building exuding an effortless charm.

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Specialized Color Schemes

The psychological impact of colors on people’s moods, behaviors, motivations and even reactions to climate cannot be neglected. There are sufficient empirical and practical evidences to demonstrate this. Be it soothing, tranquil pastels for a hospital or cheerful, patterned graphics for a primary school, our interactive virtual tool can be used to orchestrate the perfect contextual schemes for innumerable types of projects.

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At Your fingertips

Keeping abreast today’s, Nerolac App makes its presence felt at the touch of a button (or swipe across a screen) with its user friendly mobile App, which can be downloaded for free. With smooth, on-the-go access, you can communicate with and demonstrate services and products to the clients even when you don’t have the necessary details handy on your laptop or files. It is absolutely stress-free, clutter-free, and time-efficient, enabling you to get so much more out of your workday. Download it now.

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