Colouring A Better Future

July 10, 2015
ArchEdge Team

Published in Bangalore Mirror on June 01, 2015

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First thing that comes to our mind while considering getting our home painted is arranging a makeshift refuge for asthmatics, children and the elderly in order to keep them away from the detrimental effects of harmful chemicals found in paints.
The volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) found in paints could cause a host of health complications like asthma, sinusitis, birth defects, and even cancer.
The painters are exposed to a catch 22 situation. Who cares about their predicament? All they have to their disposal is a humble piece of cloth or the frugalgamcha tied on their face covering their nose and mouth which actually serves no protection at all. A recent survey calculated that professional painters are at 20% higher risk to lung cancer. These hard working simpletons do not have the resources to pay for the whopping medications and hospital bills and are left to deal with the paradox on their own.
To resolve this grave concern, Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd, a paint major, not only revolutionized the development of environment friendly paints but also took one step ahead to resolve the health woes of its’ primary users- the painters.
Scholarship programs for the painter’s children as well as accident insurance for their families were provided by the company. Saliently, Kansai Nerolac jointly with the SMILE foundation organized health check-up camps in 35 locations across India catering to 3500 painters approximately, thereby, creating awareness about the benefits of using low VOC and lead free products. Moreover, the painters were also briefed about basic hygiene practices during painting process to impel precautions.