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The Green Canvas

Nerolac’s latest offerings reaffirm the brand’s commitment to sustainable design   Ever since modern architecture began considering concepts like sustainability and green buildings, there has been an ongoing effort to make every aspect of the built environment eco-friendly. Green building is a holistic concept that takes into account a building’s…

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Meluha The Fern – An Ecotel Hotel – Part 3

ECOTEL® The Hallmark of Environmentally Sensitive Hotels WATER FLASK & GLASSES The mineral water supplied in Melhua’s rooms has received immense commendation for being amongst the purest forms of spring water used in hotels. Water is relatively safer if stored in flasks and bottles made of glass, instead of plastic....
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Meluha The Fern – An Ecotel Hotel – Part 2

ECOTEL® The Hallmark of Environmentally Sensitive Hotels INTERIORS NUWUD MDF (Medium Density Fiber Wood) The interiors of the hotel may not suit those with a superstitious bend of mind, for within Meluha – The Fern, you will not be able to say, “touch wood”! This is because the “wood” is...
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faraz -soleymani

Faraz Soleymani Is Sustainability a Luxury and Prestigious Good in this Bazaar?

Faraz Soleymani is a Canadian-Iranian architect, CEO of Iranian Architects without Borders, (IAWB). Between 2008 and the present day, he has won several competitions such as “Web for the Future”, “The Future Courthouse of Paris” and “Global Creative Awards 2007, Germany”. He has also presented papers at the International World...
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Prof. Brian Ford The Evolving Process of Sustainable Architecture

Professor Ford is an architect and environmental design consultant with 25 years’ experience. He taught at the University of Nottingham as Professor of Bioclimatic Architecture, and was the Head of the School of the Built Environment from July 2004 to 2008. He has specialized in the design of naturally ventilated and...
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Faria Bagh Palace, Ahmednagar

Ahmednagar is a town 260 kms East of Mumbai. It was founded by, and is named after, Malik Shah Ahmed who lived in the 15th century. It was Ahmed Nizam Shah who built the Faria Bagh Palace (in late 15th century) in memory of his son Burhan Shah; who succeeded his father (Ahmed Shah)...
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Towards Regenerative Ecosystems

There are several questions – “How can development minimize its adverse impact on nature? How can we produce energy and not deplete resources? How can we move around in the city without polluting the air or congesting the roads? Are there alternative methods of cooling the environment through natural processes...
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Building Fast, Innovating Faster

In October 2012, a Chinese company named Broad Sustainable Building (BSB) proposed to build the world’s tallest building in a mere 90 days. Stunning indeed. What is more interesting is the way BSB planned to undertake this audacious project. To be able to build a 220 storey, 838 meter high...
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Up, up and away

A city’s, or for that matter, even a country’s economic prowess is gauged by its skyscrapers. These skyscrapers personify the ambitions of the place and represent modernity. The Empire State Building in New York is its most identifiable structure. When it was built, it announced the rise of the modern...
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Magnus Larsson

Magnus Larsson builds on architectural responses to predicaments by embodying biomimicry as a tool for sustainable practice. After talks with Jason DeJong at UC Davis and with Stefano Ciurli, a b. pasteurii expert at the University of Bologna, Larsson put together a team at University College London to grow bacterial...
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