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Innovation for Sustainability

William McDonnough has very astutely remarked: “It is not enough to be sustainable. If you were to ask someone about how their relationship with their spouse was and they answered ‘sustainable’ it is not very hopeful!” Clearly, the very concept of the word ‘sustainability’ needs to be rethought of, and…

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Painting A Sustainable Tomorrow

Nerolac’s range of exterior, low VOC, and water-based paints set new ‘green’ standards for the industry With resource shortage, energy wastage, and pollution waving their ugly heads even to the average household, the importance of sustainable design has taken centrestage. No more are they willing to stay in the dark...
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faraz -soleymani

Faraz Soleymani Is Sustainability a Luxury and Prestigious Good in this Bazaar?

Faraz Soleymani is a Canadian-Iranian architect, CEO of Iranian Architects without Borders, (IAWB). Between 2008 and the present day, he has won several competitions such as “Web for the Future”, “The Future Courthouse of Paris” and “Global Creative Awards 2007, Germany”. He has also presented papers at the International World...
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Vikas Dilawari Interview

Interview with Vikas Dilawari, Conservation Architect, Mumbai. ArchEdge:  Globally, there is a lot of talk and progression in the field of sustainable architecture. Is this a trend in India as well? Vikas Dilawari:  Sustainable architecture is going to be the need of the hour. It, perhaps, would start as a...
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