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Towards Regenerative Ecosystems

There are several questions – “How can development minimize its adverse impact on nature? How can we produce energy and not deplete resources? How can we move around in the city without polluting the air or congesting the roads? Are there alternative methods of cooling the environment through natural processes...
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Creating a Symbiotic Urban Space

In times of congestion, pollution and depletion of natural resources, there is a pressing need to develop an environmentally sustainable and regenerative relationship between urban settlements and their eco-systems, says architect Durganand Balsavar. The substantial increase in urban consumption of resources, along with the commensurate waste disposal is perceived to...
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Bombay Art Deco architecture

Art Deco emerged as a design style in Europe during the 1920s. It made its presence felt in art, fashion and architecture. Sadly, the Great Depression and World War II raised their ugly heads, blighting the prospects of this architectural style that had rapidly become the personal favorite of the...
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Ideaz that Count

Sensitivity towards ecology is inherent and fundamental to the domain of architecture. Sustainability is understood as an ongoing process through which communities continuously renegotiate their common destiny within the limits of nature, their traditions, their understanding of cause and effect, and their own creativity. The notions of preservation and sustenance...
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