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CII-Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre, Hyderabad

The CII-Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre is the first Platinum rated green building in India. The development ensures 53% saving in overall energy consumption, 35% reduction in potable water consumption, and usage of 80% recycled/recyclable material. It incorporates several world-class energy and environment-friendly features, which include: Solar PV systems Indoor...
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Meluha The Fern – An Ecotel Hotel – Part 1

ECOTEL®The Hallmark of Environmentally Sensitive Hotels Meluha – The Fern, managed by Concept Hospitality Pvt. Ltd is a high-end business hotel, located at Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai. Luxury with responsibility is the hotel’s raison d’être. Meluha -The Fern is very conscientious about the environment and is rooted in environmentally sensitive basics....
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Peter Head Planning for an Age of Ecology

Peter Head is the Director of Arup and leads the newly integrated business of Planning and Integrated Urbanism. A civil and structural engineer, he has become a recognized world leader in the construction of major bridges, advanced composite technology, and now in sustainable development in cities. He joined Arup in...
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Prof. Brian Ford The Evolving Process of Sustainable Architecture

Professor Ford is an architect and environmental design consultant with 25 years’ experience. He taught at the University of Nottingham as Professor of Bioclimatic Architecture, and was the Head of the School of the Built Environment from July 2004 to 2008. He has specialized in the design of naturally ventilated and...
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Firdaus Variava: SpireEdge interview

ArchEdge: Has Bharat Floorings and Tiles taken any initiative to address the ‘sustainability/green’ needs of the construction industry? Firdaus Variava: Yes, definitely, we have. After I had attended a CII-IGBC conference in Hyderabad, I realized that the best way to contribute would be to make tiles that use recycled content. Points that...
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Building a Low Carbon Economy with Energy Efficient Buildings

The building sector can and should play an instrumental role in the mitigation of Green House Gas (GHG) emissions; that environmental science tells us is indispensable to combat the threat of global warming. The sector’s contribution to GHG emissions is mainly driven by its end use of, or demand for, electricity. This is a...
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The Leela: energy saving lighting solutions from GIBSS

AT A GLANCE Strategic Goals Attracting additional market share by appealing to a more diverse clientele, including younger travelers and tourists interested in health and wellbeing    Reducing energy consumption and getting the facility Green Building LEED® certified Contributing to the environment and society at large Abstract Economic Impact Annual...
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Modern Approach to Design of Green Homes

The Indian Green Building Council defines a green building as “one which uses less water, optimizes energy efficiency, conserves natural resources, generates less waste and provides healthier spaces for occupants, as compared to a conventional building.” The first question that comes to mind is, “Shouldn’t all building have these characteristics?” Unfortunately this...
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From the ancient Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the architects and horticulturalists of today have derived inspiration to create vertical gardens relevant to our times, where space is the most valuable commodity and high-rise buildings are mushrooming all over cities. Emerging as an important and innovative element, they add to the...
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Libraries have today become important cultural public spaces apart from their traditional roles of being repositories of knowledge. With increased awareness about the need for green design the world over, green libraries have been instrumental in promoting sustainable architecture due to their public and pedagogical nature. The National Library of...
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