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The Color of the Average Indian Home

India is a land of much diversity. There’s variety in weather, in language, in mindset, and in settlements. No two houses are the same. And you can find at least one home of every kind. Through the grandeur of ostentatious bungalows and hardly held together slums, your eye settles on…

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Magen David Synagogue, Mumbai

Renowned philanthropist David Sasoon built the Magen David Synagogue in 1861 at Nagpada (Byculla), Mumbai. A signature of the mass exodus of Jews escaping from Iraqi persecution to India; it still stands tall. Today, the population of Jews in Mumbai and across India may have dwindled, but the Magen David...
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Khotachiwadi, Girgaum, Mumbai

Khotachiwadi is a tiny colony in Mumbai, featuring a cluster of old-Portuguese-style bungalows. It adds tremendous historical and heritage value to Mumbai, going back almost 300 years. It is tucked away in a lane of Girgaon (Girgaum) in South Mumbai – near St Teresa’s Church, not too far from Charni...
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Aga Khan Palace Pune

The Aga Khan Palace in Pune was built in 1892 by Sultan Mohammed Shah, Aga Khan III. Apparently, he built it to provide jobs to villagers in that area who were suffering from the effects of famine at the time. More than 1,000 people were employed and the palace was built in...
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Why Conserve the Built Heritage Part-2?

This experiential learning made me aware of “cultural dynamics” at play in our built environment. In the last 7 years of restoring more than 15 Old Goan houses, the constant underlying theme that emerged was one of “contemporary living”, which, inherent in the old fabric, requires preservation in the current...
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Cyber Terraces Building 5, Gurgaon

Cyber Terraces Building 5 is spread across approx. 1.4 million sq.ft. and is divided into 3 blocks (5A, 5B & 5C). It was designed and constructed in three stages. The façade of the complex has a futuristic, contemporary look and feel; achieved by the use of glass in various colors,...
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Afghan Church, Mumbai

The Afghan Church is located in Colaba, South Mumbai. It was built by the British and named in the honor of British soldiers who died in the First Afghan War of 1838. The original name was The Church of St John the Evangelist; and it was consecrated in 1858 by...
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