Adorn your homes with the best of colors this wedding season

December 04, 2015
ArchEdge Team

Published in First Post of Brands on Dec 1 2015

Notable novelist George Moore correctly stated, “A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.” Our home truly is our own tiny world, our paradise!

To add to this, the welcoming feeling homes offer plus the way our home smells when we first enter through the door creates a strong urge to come back to it again and again. Even the privilege to tour the world does not take this love for home away. It is only natural that we like to adorn our homes with the best of colors, patterns and attractive accessories. This also gives birth to our habit of being on a constant lookout for bigger, brighter spaces on sprawling acres of land with premium amenities that we can embellish with the finest of decors.

Likewise, the Jaiswal family too felt the need to shift to an expansive space in Gurgaon when their only son decided to tie the knot. Marriages, considered as a major event in India, are also deemed as an auspicious time of our lives when we look forward to newer beginnings. From a modest two-bedroom house, the Jaiswal family on this happy occasion bought and moved into a grand four-bedroom house as they welcomed a new family member. They are now five people living together in the huge well-furnished house that uses fine colors of their choice on the walls to beautify the rooms suitably.

Piyush Varma, the Principle Interior Designer for the residence said, “Keeping up with the Jaiswals’ fine taste in home decor, I had to make sure the color combination for the walls and choice of furniture fabric, drapes and other household accessories go hand in hand. The décor started right with the paints. For some rooms, I went for the basic white and grey tone, for the others, I preferred designer walls to add that sheen and depth to the room’s look and to contrast it with the wooden glass doors.”

1280-Res-300x200Designer Varma also catered to the health and hygiene aspect simultaneously taking care of the décor, design and infrastructure of the house. Even with something as basic as wall paint, she ensured that the health factor is taken care of. “I planned on using Nerolac Eco-friendly paints as they have a variety of beautiful shades and premium range colors that are also safe.”

Looks like, Nerolac Impressions Eco Clean is a top favorite with interior designers and professionals who work on residential and commercial projects.

While paints are known to beautify homes, they can also be harmful while silently posing serious health threats to the residents of the house, causing health menaces like nausea, respiratory diseases, dizziness and headaches. Courtesy paints like Nerolac Impressions Eco-Clean with low-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), these problems can be avoided, thus bringing a revolutionary change in the paint-buying trend.

1280-Res-2-300x200The Jaiswal house is a brilliant example of how design, style and safety can all come together as both the owners and the designer have put together an exquisite piece of work in the 4-bedroom house by just using the right ingredients.

Hope happy times like weddings bring not just a new addition to the family but also brighter, colorful and safer abodes, just like they did for the Jaiswals.