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Kansai Nerolac Paints takes a leap towards a greener world with yet another great venture – Arch Edge. Born with an ideology of building an ecological and sustainable structure in architecture, Arch Edge is a reason to unite designers, architects and engineers. It’s an undying effort to bring together great minds that can change the future through their everyday contributions towards the world.
Arch Edge promises to bring in a great resource of knowledge through collaborative projects, events, conferences and interactive sessions. The avenues shall be explored at every step for the betterment of the architecture community and the world at large, thereby making Arch Edge an initiative that can go beyond the digital platform.
We, at Kansai Nerolac, have always been on an eventful journey, during which, we have never let our commitment towards our work dwindle, by being committed towards our society. Our products and services are nothing but a reflection of our vision. And Arch Edge is yet another venture that stands true to our values.

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At Nerolac, we place the highest premium on the significance of sustainable architecture; and our sense of social responsibility extends to sensitivity towards a health-hazard free environment for the occupants of a building. Nerolac’s range of “healthy paints” have set industry standards in… know more


Interior Style Book

The way in which a person lives is the simplest way to describe a lifestyle. We all live in different ways. Many of us rush through our chores in life, while others take it easy. And based on our lifestyles, we create our homes in different ways too. know more


Exterior Style Book

India is a beautiful and mystifying country. Stretching from the golden beaches of the South to the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas, lies an incredible tapestry of natural and man-made wonders. With an astonishing diversity of cultures, ethnicities and geographical regions… know more


Color Combo

Architects and designers have complete creative free reign over colours and textures that best represent client expectations and respond to the surrounding forces of nature. In fact, no one knows better how the unique raised; jagged or embedded characteristics of colour/coating combinations… know more

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